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Any tricks for using mirrored bodies?

Question asked by Scott Perman on Mar 3, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2020 by Scott Perman

Are there any tricks for making mirrored bodies more usable in SW?  Here's my problems.


I've got a part that is symmetric in X and Y.  I drew 1/4 and then mirrored twice.  

      If I add fasteners using a pattern driven pattern, it only works if I select one of the holes in the original quadrant, and then, it only patterns the holes in that original quadrant.

       When dimensioning this part, the hole wizard thinks I only have 2 holes instead of 8.




I have another part that is a mirror.  The history tree for the part is "insert body", "mirror", "delete body."

      When I use the hole callout, it doesn't recognize a threaded hole.  




I'm sure these are well documented problems.  I'm hoping there are some "workflows" to improve this behavior.