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Running a macro on startup hides the SolidWorks splashscreen

Question asked by James Hustwayte on Mar 4, 2020



I'm currently trying to run a SolidWorks macro on startup, using the /m argument within the target field of a SolidWorks shortcut.


This is the text I am using in the target field:


"C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SOLIDWORKS\SLDWORKS.exe" /m "C:\Macros\Startup.swp"


The macro runs perfectly fine on startup, however using the /m argument hides the SolidWorks splash screen, SolidWorks opens, however there is no loading/splash screen to show you that it is opening. It's quite useful to see the splash screen on startup, as it shows which add ins are being loaded in etc...


Does anybody know if there is a way for the splash screen to be shown when running a startup macro?


Thanks in advance,