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creating quad sheemetal bodies

Question asked by Josh Smith on Mar 2, 2020

I am relatively new to solidworks so mind my ignorance on proper terms. I have create a model in blender and have decimated the mesh to a point where i can cut individual metal pieces and fold them up for welding. I have transformed the .stl into a solid body and am able to create sheetmetal bodies but I have two issues.

1. even though my surfaces are planar when I bring the data into solidworks it converts my quad mesh inot tri mesh. Is there a way around this?

2. When selecting surfaces to convert to sheetmetal it only allows me to choose a "base" and select the surrounding bends. I would like to choose which pieces I know will work best when bending.


Attached is the my blender .stl file want it to look like and the sldpart file I have been working with