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    Cannot open files which are not checked out

      We are using PDME 9.0 B723 with SW08 SP5.

      We cannot open files which are not checked out. Anyone have these issues?
        • Cannot open files which are not checked out
          Adrian Connard
          Hi Bill,

          This is a known issue with Solidworks 2005 SP5 and any SP of Enterprise PDM 2009. Check out Solution ID: S-029535

          You need to apply a patch to the client machines and it should fix the problem. The issue has also been fixed in Solidworks 2009 SP0 and above, I believe.


          • Cannot open files which are not checked out
            Jeff Sweeney
            If Adrian's answer doesn't fix it try:

            If the user has selected to suppress the read-only warning in SolidWorks by selecting "Don't ask me again" when the below warning was shown, and selected to Cancel the open operation - it is possible that opening a checked in, read-only, file will not open up in SolidWorks as long as the warning remains suppressed. This happens because SolidWorks will try to supporess the warning AND use the same button that you pressed when the warning was shown.
            ".... is not available for write access. Would you like to open the file with read-only access?"

            To unsuppress the warning, select Tools > Options > Advanced > and check the warning.

            Next time you open a read-only file, the warning should show again. If you still want to have the warning suppressed, make sure you select "Open Read-Only" after enabling "Don't ask me again". That way it will always try to open the file when the warning is triggered.