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Switching versions problems

Discussion created by Nick Gvk on Feb 29, 2020
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so i just changed my version from 2014 to 2016
and im running into 2 problems that seriously interupt my whole workflow

first one being :
when in 2014 pressing the spacebar it would put u in a isometric view and show the view selector cube
in 2016 it zoomes out and gives me the selector cube ( not putting me into isometric view)
this topic solved the question not the problem
for me since i have been using 2014 for 5 years its a downgrade going to 2016
been a while since i done macro's so i was trying to solve this by just making a macro calling the isometric view and then call the view selector cube , then set the macro to the spacebar as a shortcut
here is what i have :




Dim swApp As Object

Dim Part As Object
Dim boolstatus As Boolean
Dim longstatus As Long, longwarnings As Long
Dim instance As IModelView
Dim value As Object

Sub main()

Set swApp = _

Set Part = swApp.ActiveDoc
Dim myModelView As Object

Part.ShowNamedView2 "*Isometric", 7

End Sub

this is the view i want each time i press the spacebar going into isometric and have this cube show up 




second when creating a new sketch the first time i get this temp view

but when creating a second sketch in the same file it does not prompt this visual
i tried going true the setting but im not able to find this
anyone know where to find this or do i now have to go true the dropdown menu every single time ?


these 2 changes take away the speed i have gotten used to
might find more isue's but sofar its been smooth sailing other then those 2 
i dont like the new icons but i gues it cant be helped more then going to classic mode 
ill take that change because i can now use the dark theme