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Every time I make a drawing, after a while, the drawing view boundary boxes changes color and view will no longer move.

Question asked by Scott Semken on Feb 29, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2020 by Scott Semken

This has been going on for years. When I go online to find a solution, I find no discussion of the issue.


When I first add views to my drawing, each drawing view will show a reddish or brown boundary box when selected. I can move the view around by grabbing the box border and moving it with the mouse. After some indeterminate length of time or some number of actions, the boundary border color changes to gray, and the views will no longer move. The only way I can get them to move again, is to close the drawing file. When I reopen it, the drawing view boundary boxes are once again reddish or brown and the views will move again.