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What is the easiest way to change sketch relation from related to not when sketching

Question asked by Scott Leacox on Feb 28, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2020 by Scott Leacox

Hello all,



There is a setting under: System options/Sketch/relations/snaps/Automatic relations


When that setting is on, it created a relation between the assembly file and the part that was snapped too. Creating longer loading times when there are 100's of such relations in an assembly.


My question is, what would be the path of least resistance to create a button that turns it on and off with a single click that is always in the interface of Solid Works. Assuming that is even possible. I would rather not use a macro because that requires a file to be located, maintained, and re-set up each time out IT department updates solid works.


The setting is too buried to want to go switch it all the times I need to. Creating the workflow of adding the sketch, deleting the relations, then adding new dimensions to nail the sketch down.