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toolbox component favorites

Question asked by Mike Thompson on Feb 27, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2020 by Matt Juric

Is there any way to add a specific toolbox component into the favorites folder, or any personal favorites folder at the system level, instead of just within a file? I know I can drag a complete toolbox folder into the favorites folder in the Toolbox tree.

What I need is specific parts. Our company uses very few components and it takes us forever to fish through for them, particularly washers, which we have ordered from here, there, and everywhere. Let's face it, Type A, Type B, Selected, Preferred, Wide, Narrow, etc. does not help much when searching. I would like to avoid locking down the library to the select items we use, because we are really growing and developing new designs; I don't want to micro-manage new creation.


As a note, until yesterday, I had notations in the "Comments" column for parts we stocked. It got us by because at least you could see you had the correct part selected. We discovered if you started with the correct part, then Edited the toolbox part to change parts, the Comment would then attach itself to the new part selected and go into the Copied Parts toolbox folder that way. It also adds itself into the Toolbox tables! It was an all day mess to clean it all up.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.