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SolidWorks vs Staad - simulation

Question asked by Wojciech Paterski on Feb 27, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2020 by Kevin Quigley

quick question, can someone tell me which would be better to do FEA on steelwork.

It's mostly static beam/columns/some extruded gussets etc, assembly with parts and subassemblies.


we have SW and model in it, and got FEA enginneer recently - that went with STAAD (ok it's FEA software) but i was just thinking for what we do wouldn't SW simulation be enough - and it would be better with 'translation' of the model - or rather no need of model translation.


As at the moment engineer have a problem with importing of the model to staad.


Example picture of our steelworks:

This whole steelwork would be simplified - unnecesarry non loadbearing items would be suppresed/removed for simulation. 

and then loads added.

Is this possible in SW - or is it to big/complicated.?