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What is going on with my dimensions? SW2020 SP1

Question asked by Blake Hacker on Feb 26, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2020 by Blake Hacker

This may seem minuscule but it's driving me up the wall. We recently upgraded and ever since I've had dimension issues (in sketch and drawing). I click an item to dimension then go to place the dimension only to have it shoot off the page or across the sketch. Ordinate dimensions now require placement instead of jumping right in line like they used to. 


Also, while sketching, I'll draw a line and the command stops I have to select or hotkey line again to make another each dang time. I've been all through the settings and cant find anything. I've searched on here as well, my boss and our other designer are having the same issues. I've tried reloading my saved settings, did a default restore all to no avail.