David Tiefenbrunn

Turn off pen / ink functions

Discussion created by David Tiefenbrunn on Feb 26, 2020
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2020 by Therese Hurlbut

I just started using SW2018 on my new win 10 PC..

I had everything working great on the old win7 machine..

I am fighting with all kinds of erroneous inputs - lines and point dropping into sketches when I didn't want them.  It's crazy making.


I need to find out how to set things back the way it worked in the old setup, as this is nearly unusable.  At best, extremely annoying.


I am not sure if I am fighting windows 10, Wacom drivers, or Solidworks.

I use a Wacom Bamboo Create in place of a mouse, since mice cause wrist discomfort for me.  It has always worked about the same as a mouse previously.