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2020 keyboard shortcuts

Question asked by Geoff Allard on Feb 26, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2020 by David Matula

Anyone else having their keyboard shortcuts work only sometimes? My company is on SW2020, SP1 with 64-bit Win10 OS. It's annoying because I'm so used to selecting a surface and with the control button pressed, selecting the next surface and then choosing the mate settings. Now, this functionality stops working intermittently and unpredictably which messes with me EVERY time as I've been assigning mates this way for years. So, then if the shortcuts stop working I have to do the long, old way of: select a surface/entity, go click on the mate (paperclip) icon, then the next surface/entity, etc.


Way to go on being "user-friendly" and saving mouse clicks SOLIDWORKS. Smh. Also, the fly-out menu (which usually has options such "open part/assembly", "edit appearance", etc.) seems to have become quite temperamental and unreliable. These malfunctions actually slow me down considerable because I'm having to remember to try and do things the way I did them back when I first learned SW so I end up having to do things repeatedly. Grrr.