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Solidworks input boxes are blacked out

Question asked by Terence Hiebert on Feb 26, 2020
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I have recently purchased a new Dell Vostro computer with a i7-9700 processor and 500 gb ssd. The projects I use it for are very small compared to some I see on here. (usually under 30 parts) and are not complicated. I used to have a computer with an i5 processor and built in Intel graphics. It worked fine for my use except when I had 5 or more parts open at the same time. This new one has not worked properly from day 1. The rotate gets somewhat choppy, it lags when selecting faces, and most recently I can't input edge flange angles. (screenshot below) I am also using the built in graphics card on one monitor, as well as trying the Geforce one that came with the unit on the other. I have tried a registry reset for Solidworks for the lag problem earlier, but that did nothing, so I changed it back. Realview is turned off, I've tried it with dynamic highlight off, all to no avail. I am running Solidworks 2016 SP5, and did a clean install of SW 2017 SP 1 this morning to see if it worked any better. (It didn't)


I'm just trying to do a day's work here and I'm ready to pull my hair out. Does anybody have any help for me?


Thank you,

Terence Hiebert