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After getting the latest version of solidworks file, again and again asks for  get latest version of file.

Question asked by Chandrakanth Gowda on Feb 26, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2020 by Chandrakanth Gowda

More than 100 files in the folder have some discrepancy in attribute values in data card.

Some attribute values has to be inherit from the folder to solidworks files and some values from model to drawing file.


Before making any change i get the latest version of file and then check out.


For Ex : 01. Part A --> get latest version .

             02. Go back to the folder and update 'values in files' from folder level for checked out 'Part A'. 

03. If i check the 'Part A' version inside teh folder, again it asks for get  latest version

04. If I click on get latest version. 


Also i tried check out both part/assy & drawing file, open in solidworks application. If I just save the drawing file and check the data card, above step 03 & 04 arises.


Appreciate your help at the earliest.


Thanks in advance.