AnsweredAssumed Answered assembly folder feature  setsuppression2 does nothing.

Question asked by Josh Hixon on Feb 25, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2020 by Vince Riha

I am scratching my head on getting an assembly folder to suppress using 


swfeat = swassy.FeatureByName("WEDGE")
swfeat.SetSuppression2(swFeatureSuppressionAction_e.swUnSuppressFeature, swInConfigurationOpts_e.swAllConfiguration, Nothing)



What am I missing here?  When I step through, it appears as though the feature is indeed grabbing an object (im assuming that is the folder since it doesn't say it is set to nothing) and then it runs the setsuppression2 and does nothing to the folder. 


Any ideas?