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The missing 5% functionality: Routing

Question asked by Sandy Scott on Feb 25, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2020 by Sandy Scott

Here are my suggestions for a new chapter of "The missing 5% functionality":

The missing 5% functionality - All Chapters 


Database/Settings Management

  • How to select a default Routing Properties Template (other than deleting all the others), or at least choose it before stating a route to avoid all the errors about mismatching configurations.
  • Ability to update the Piping & Tubing database for a specific fitting part file. (currently you have to delete and re-add).
  • Better database management - I accidentally added a part that was outside the design library to the database, and had to resort to manually editing the database file with a third party tool to get rid of it - there was no way to do it in the Routing Library Manager.
  • PDM Integration - Stop asking me to check out every pipe and fitting every time I use something.
  • PDM Integration - One-click option to make the complete suite available to everyone in my company - routing properties template, library, piping database etc ie. like Toolbox.


  • Some explanation about how the pipe size/specification matching actually works, so you can make sense of the Pipe Sizes section in the Route Properties.


  • "Schedule" is a USA-specific - replace with generic terms/concepts.
  • ISO 7 / (aka BSP) library.

Threaded pipes (really a lot more than 5% missing here, but would make a much bigger difference).

  • Add a "threaded pipe" route type option for this when creating connection points.
  • Needs to have an awareness of connection point gender, so couplers/adapters can be added as necessary. Would also allow drag-drop onto a specific connection point. (This might also allow nipples to work - added in 2017, with no documentation on how to use them).
  • Needs separate fields for thread and pressure specification - thread type must match, warn if fitting pressure spec is lower than that specified for the route (need to define pressure spec. ranking if non-numeric).