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XP64? advice please

Question asked by Dale Dunn on May 6, 2009
Latest reply on May 11, 2009 by William Peacock
Hello all,

The time has finally come for a new workstation. I know where I'm going with the hardware, but I have a dilemma on the OS. What I would like to do is build on Vista 64 with 6 GB of memory. Here's the problem: We are stuck on SW07 for the foreseeable future because of our largest customer. There's nothing that can be done about that. SW 07 is not supported on Vista, so if I want 64-bit, it will have to be XP.

Now then, do the benefits of XP64 outweigh the headaches? I've already verified that I can get drivers for the peripherals, so I anticipate minimal problems there. The benefit I hope to get is not having to worry about running out of memory in SW. I currently run XP32 without /3GB. (I ran into stability problems with it. Perhaps the new machine will be stable with /3GB.) I do find that I have to actively manage how much memory I am using, especially while working on assembly drawings.

If I install XP64 with 6GB, it will probably be for the life of the machine. The other option is XP32 with 3GB (and maybe /3GB), and hope to convince the boss I need Win 7 with 6GB when we finally get off of SW07. I'm leaning toward the XP32 option, because XP64 is a dead-end.

What do you think? I expect this machine to be around for 3-5 years.