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Power Trim Delay

Question asked by Joel Witman on Feb 24, 2020

I've noticed a delay when using power trim in Solidworks 2018 and 2019 across a number of computers.  I'm wondering whether this behavior is inherent to Solidworks these days.  I don't believe older versions had this delay.  When I click and drag using the Power trim, there is about a 0.25 second delay before the trim line appears on screen.  In order to functionally use the command, I need to click then wait before dragging the cursor.  If I move my mouse quickly after initiating my click, then the trim line starts appearing too far along the line.  Take the attached image as an example.  I drew a rectangle, then started to Power trim from the far left side of the screen (at red circle) and moved the cursor quickly to the right.  The trim command didn't catch the vertical line on the left side of the rectangle.  Is everyone experiencing this behavior?  Running SW2019 SP5.0 on a Dell Precision 7740.  I experienced the same thing with SW2018 on my old Dell Precision 7720.