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Batch export sheet metal flat patterns to DXF from assembly

Question asked by Sablevicius Ramunas on Feb 24, 2020
Latest reply on May 3, 2020 by Arif Akbas

Hello, SW API experts. After a long search on the internet and in this forum, I finally found a macro that does 90% of what I need. The point is that I have a "Main assembly" that consists of a sub-assembly and a parts. All parts in main assembly and sub-assembly are sheet metal parts. When I run macro, folders are created based on the materials of the parts, followed by folders based on the thickness of the parts. These folders consist of DXF flat pattern files. Everything is nice, but it still lacks 10% to full satisfaction. The DXF filenames is created as follows: "Part Name.SLDPRT"_"Configuration Name"_"Material" "Thickness" mm. My questions are:
1. I would like to avoid the ".SLDPRT" file extension from the DXF filename. How to do it?
2. It is good to have a configuration name in the DXF file name only if there is more than one configuration in the part. How to do it?
3. How to make units of parts appeared in Thickness folder name, i.e. mm or inches such as "3 mm".

4. How to make the DXF file name display the amount of detail used in the main assembly. The full name of the DXF file should look like this: "Part Name"_"Configuration Name" (if more than one)_"Material" "Thickness"mm (or inches)_"Quantity (in main assembly!!!)".dxf.


I've attached files for viewing.


As I am not very familiar with using the SW API, I would be very grateful for the help.