Ljuboslav Boskic

Fan profile on custom fan.

Discussion created by Ljuboslav Boskic on Feb 24, 2020

Hi everyone. So I have an interesting problem that I have tried to scale down from the actual experimental setup. The new experimental test chamber I am using is a rectangle with a fan fixed inside of it (test.png). All I am simply trying to do is create the same fan profile that I have from the physical fan.


The fan I have is a special explosion proof fan so the manufacturer for some reason doesn't have a fan curve for me to input but for that reason I have created a fan profile - a bit different from a fan curve. To create the fan profile I did the following: 1) Used an anemometer 6 inches from the center of the fan 2) Took readings at 0cm from center @ 6 inches 3) Moved at 1cm increments left until I reached 10cm (maintaining 6 inches from center) 4) Repeated to the right side. So the fan profile is the attachment- fan_profile. Fan profile was taken at different power levels of the fan, can adjust from 100% to 0%, for these purposes we can just use 100% power. 


Now my test bed for solidworks Flow Simulation looks like the following, attachment - test.png.

The setup is the following:

internal analysis, time-dependent, fluid is air, adiabatic wall, Initial Conditions - 1atm/67.2F.

Boundary conditions - Enivorment Pressure on far wall - 1atm/69F.

Fan - I use the internal fan option from flow works and am trying different fans. 


So far the results I get are the following... result1 - max ft/s 7.8, result2 - max ft/s 27.85. All I do for these results is run the simulation for a few seconds with those conditions above, adjust the fan I'm using and then plot a Velocity profile a few inches away. As you see the fans all are blowing hard/fast in the center mostly and that is not the type of fan I have.


So does anyone have an suggestions on how I can either 1) Create a fan with my fan profile 2) Know of a fan I can use from solidworks that has a stronger velocity outside the center like in my fan profile. Any suggestions would be useful - thanks!