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Help with cam mate/assembly

Question asked by Kyle Rosendale on May 6, 2009
Latest reply on May 6, 2009 by Kyle Rosendale
I am trying to make two paddles follow a path of a belt that wraps around two pulleys, the paddles need to be a set distance apart. i can get them to to move with no errors on the straight side of the belt, but when one rolls over the top/bottom pulley, they go into an error saying that the mate can not happen. attached is the file i am working with. i can not get my assembly to attach, or i would post that up as well. i'm not sure how to go about getting this to work, i would also like to have the paddles come or delete when the belt length changes, not sure if this is possible or not. if anyone can give me some feed back i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you... Kyle