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Chain Dimensions - all dimensions always aligned

Discussion created by Ciro Immobile on Feb 24, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2020 by Seth Moser


I've been used to Inventor Chain dimension command that featured two interesting functionalities:

1. Set a different arrow style for internal chain terminator (i.e. internal dimensions always have a dot as leader, while the external dimensions have the arrow)

2. No matter what's the font size, all dimensions are always aligned

One example is attached Inventor 2020 Chain.mp4.


I'm looking for a quick workflow to replicate it in SOLIDWORKS, but it's very hard since SOLIDWORKS tends to give dimensions different alignments, if their font size exceeds a certain amount.

The workaround I found is shown in attached Chain dimensions workariound.mp4.

I've created two different styles: one with a very small font, and another with a bigger font.

So here's the procedure:

1 - Create the first chain dimension, then switch to the small font style

2- Create the other chain dimensions (they will all be aligned since the font and arrow style are ver small)

3 - Select all dimensions and change leader style to dot

     Unfortunately it seems that there's a limitation (style doesn't capture arrow style):

     SPR 587794 - Arrow settings are not saved along with dimension style (leader arrow type changes after saving style favorite)

4 - Somewhere I have an already defined chain dimensioning, and I'm using format painter to copy the leader style from external dimensions, which should have the arrow as leader.


Lots of clicks are involved. Any other ideas to improve the workflow ?