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Dynamic Custom Table

Question asked by Ryan Nance-Donaldson on Feb 22, 2020

Hi all, I'm trying to find a way to save some time on drawings. For background, I detail several custom projects, commonly structural steel. As such, my drawings can get pretty large depending on the project (100+ sheets). I want to make a table that references a few different properties, but I am not seeing the infrastructure in SW anywhere.


Essentially, here is what I want to do on the part detail sheets:

Reference the part description (what is the material)

Reference the length custom property for that part (based off reference dim, I can't really use the weldments length)

Display the file name for the part

Reference the assembly BOM and show the total qty. of the part


That last step is the biggest problem for me. I can easily handle all the other parts automatically, but getting the table to reference the assembly is proving to be a large challenge. I haven't really made custom tables before, and I've been doing this all manually for about a year. Now I'm getting more, larger projects that I just can't spend that kind of time on.


I have 2 theoretical solutions, but I don't expect either of them to work flawlessly.

1. Export assembly parts only BOM to spreadsheet, then create a custom table that pulls all this information off of that table to copy and paste into SW. This is still manual, but at least I can save the template and drop it into the spreadsheet on every project.

2. Find some way to make a custom part property that searches for the matching assembly (maybe through some where used function I don't know about yet?) and finds the total qty. That way all the properties are at the part level and I can forgo most of the issue here. I want this to be automatic because it's just a pain to continuously go back and forth.


I appreciate any responses that can help me out here, especially if it's a resource that will help me learn more and become a better drafter!