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Exported DXF has gaps and wrongly shared line endpoints

Question asked by Justinas Rubinovas on Feb 21, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2020 by Jean Giacomoni



I have a project in which I need to export a SOLIDWORKS part drawing as a DXF for nesting and CNC cutting. I noticed that many times, exported DXF has gaps and overlapping but not merged line endpoints, which often results in failures when importing these DXF files in other software. I managed to close the gaps by using Enable Merging in DXF export options:



But I still have the issue of wrongly shared endpoints. I made a test. I exported one of my drawings as a DXF, then re-imported it back into SOLIDWORKS as a 2D sketch, and used Check Sketch feature to see if it could be used with a Boss Extrude or any other function. And I get this:



And then I'm directed to these endpoints, which indeed have two line endpoints overlapping, but not merging. I don't see an option to automatically fix this when exporting DXF, and there are far too many files to make these fixes manually.


I am attaching one of the problematic models along with it's drawing (SW 2019). To replicate the problem:


1. Open the drawing;

2. Export it to a DXF file;

3. Import it back to SOLIDWORKS as a 2D sketch with point merging disabled (because the other software that I'm sending these DXF's to won't do that);

4. Try to perform Check Sketch, and you'll see the issue.


So, how can I export a clean, correct DXF from my drawing?