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PDM Standard - Setting Revision & Issue

Question asked by Matthew Seavers on Feb 21, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2020 by Ants Palgi

Hi, this is my first post here and by all accounts probably not my last.

I am working on a test bed for launching Solidworks PDM standard within my work place and have encountered a difficulty in my revisioning system.


We have two distinct part numbers which both have an issue number attached to them.

I have worked out the basic part numbering revision, and can transition the part number revision to increment by 1 each time, however, I cannot get the second variable to follow suit.


The variables are:




Revision works fine. 

If however I try and use the same process to up rev the ASCRev, because it reads the system variable %Revision%, & %NextRevision%, then I either increment Revision so it jumps a rev. and / or the ASCRev lags behind.


Does anyone know how to create the a system variable like %NextASCRev%


I have a work around, which is not pretty involving a formula built into the part or assy document, however this requires the transition to then open the document in a writable state, allow the formula to run, then close and perform up-issue to revision.

This of course has its limitations, esp. in Standard.


I am not sure if it the functionality of the Standard version, or my lack of knowledge which is leading me into a dead end.


Any suggestions would be most appreciated.