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Search results window - Major file selection lag?

Question asked by Scott Wheeler on Feb 21, 2020

I have a user with a high end CAD workstation who is having some strange behavior.  When he has a list of results from a PDM Search in Windows Explorer, he has major lag when trying to select files.  Efforts such as CTRL-clicking to grab multiple files or Shift-selecting will have 5-10 seconds of lag.  WIndows resources do not show anything obvious when a background process, such as a virus scanner.  Furthermore, selecting Vault located files in a regular Windows Explorer, not using the Search Results window, does not exhibit this behavior, selection of files is nice and snappy.


Performing within SolidWorks fine, models rotate fast, Microsoft Office apps work fine, no lag elsewhere...just specific to Search Results item selection.


Any thoughts on what might be causing this?