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Upgrading PDM standard without VAR assistance

Discussion created by Nico Van Gils on Feb 21, 2020
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Since a year or so I got PDM standard implemented in my system.

My VAR did the initial installation and implementation. Costed me 3 days for a specialist in PDM.

So far very happy with having PDM en was a good investment.


Now I want to upgrade from SW19 to SW20 and PDM also has to be upgraded.

At the time of installation they told me to upgrade maybe assistance from VAR would be needed.

I assumed this was a helpdesk related assistance.

Turns out they need a whole day to do the upgrade.

As I am a one man firm this is a pretty large cost to just do an upgrade. This is a cost on top of the maintenance package.


Are there any guys in the same situation an are doing the upgrade themself?

Is it do-able for someone with low experience in PDM.


I found a few tutorials from Goengineer adn Javelin, but still a little afraid in going on with the upgrade.


Anyone having a checklist for dummy's?