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Suppress Components in Assembly by File Property

Question asked by Daniel Silberstein on Feb 20, 2020
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I am trying to create a macro to suppress certain parts in an assembly by a custom file property called "code". The value of code will be something like "metal" or "wood". I will create a configuration for metal where all the wood parts are suppressed and vice-versa.


This post has most of the code I need. 

 Macro to suppress assembly components 


However, I can't get the code to read the file property. I am using the following example

bool = swCustProp.Get4("Property_Name", False, val, valout)

2019 SOLIDWORKS API Help - Get Custom Properties of Referenced Part Example (VBA) 

When I use this code, I get an error for "val" that says the argument is not optional.


What else do I need to add to my code to make it suppress the files in the assembly that don't have the code in the configuration I am using.



NOTE: I am not using advanced component select because of the reasons found in this post.

Advance component select