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BOMs in Assembly - Different Assembly Configs

Question asked by Kevin Sanders on Feb 20, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2020 by Kevin Sanders

Good Morning All! I have searched for an answer for this for a few hours yesterday and this morn, to no avail. Any help , input, or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Here is my dilemma...


I have an assembly containing a second assembly (sub). I have 3 different configurations of the assembly.

  1. Exploded version of the assembly (sub-assembly not exploded))
  2. The Tee without the sub-assembly
  3. The sub-assembly


I have an exploded isometric of the assembly on sheet 1. The tee is on sheet 2. The sub-assembly on sheet 3.


I would like to insert a BOM into the assembly and be able to use the BOM on all sheets. (Copy BOM upon insertion)


I am wondering if I can have one BOM for the assembly and when I select a different config the BOM on that page only reference the parts in the drawing. So if the BOM reflects 19 items on sheet 1, but the assembly on sheet 2 only has 4 items. Sheet 2's BOM would only reflect the 4 items. I am also hoping they would be numbered respectively, even if that means the BOM starts at a different number other than 1.


I have tried linking the second configuration to the original BOM... nothing.

I have tried making a different BOM for each config then inserting them to the separate sheets. Unfortunately I cannot see the BOM text in the assembly. (another item I need to figure out - sigh) This kind of worked, but the BOMs numbering was not the same as the others.


Right now it seems my only option is to insert the BOM from the assembly to each sheet, then hide the rows of the items I dont want reflected on that sheet. 


Maybe this is a work around, maybe I am expecting too much of SWX. Maybe Im clueless... 


Thank you in advance!