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View the simulation result frame by frame

Question asked by Louise Yi on Feb 20, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2020 by Louise Yi

Hi, I want to observe the displacement result of a nonlinear simulation. It's about the deformation of snap during assembly so I want to view it frame by frame.


I know solidworks can play the animation and can adjust the speed or the range of the frames/plot steps involved, but they are still too fast for me even under the lowest speed. I also know that there are two buttons under the colorbar in the result that I can use to go to previous/next frame, but it's not efficient and I cannot jump to the frame I want. (Like if I want to compare frames 3-6 and 15-18).


Is there any way I can view a specific frame I want easily, just like a slider? Or is it possible to export all the frames so that I can view whichever I want? Or any other possible solution will be appreciated. Thanks!