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It seems incredibly cumbersome to make a range of solidworks files available to view on the iPad.

Question asked by Adam Edwards on Feb 20, 2020

Unless I’m missing a trick somewhere, there is no way to click-through / open the file directly from typical cloud services (oneDrive, DropBox etc). I’m finding the process to be, upload the file from a PC onto (for example oneDrive), open oneDrive on ipad, on each individual file, click the share button, select import into eDrawings Pro, then the file becomes available to view in eDrawings Pro from that point on, listed in “my files” in the app.


The issue is that I might have “500 drawings” I wish a site operative to download to his iPad take with him to site and to get them into eDrawings and it appears I have to click share and then select copy to eDrawings 500 times as opposed to somehow highlighting a range of files “from to” and get them all into eDrawings using a few clicks only?