Gabriele Sorrento

Interference event issue

Discussion created by Gabriele Sorrento on Feb 20, 2020

Hello everybody,

I am trying in my add-in (SW 2019) to intercept interference events and to list interfering components of the assembly.

I am using the DAssemblyDocEvents_InterferenceNotifyEventHandler delegate to get the event.

Once the event has been raised I list the object name.

My issue is that not always the objects are correct and sometimes the event is raised for no reason.

I perform a lot of commands before I make this check so I have not been able to identify precisely a pattern that can cause such problem. I always call a DragOp before and I might have found that if i start the drag from an already colliding configuration the interference event fails more often.

However these are the methods I used to list the interferences once the event is raised.

object[] objList = pComponent as object[];
List<IComponent2> components = new List<IComponent2>();
for (int i = 0; i < objList.Length; ++i)
    IComponent2 component = objList[i] as IComponent2;
    if (!components.Contains(component))
   Notify(component.Name);// MY API

I have also tried this solution:

var pIntMgr = swAssemblyDoc.InterferenceDetectionManager;
pIntMgr.TreatCoincidenceAsInterference = false;
pIntMgr.TreatSubAssembliesAsComponents = false;
pIntMgr.IncludeMultibodyPartInterferences = true;
pIntMgr.MakeInterferingPartsTransparent = false;
pIntMgr.CreateFastenersFolder = false;
pIntMgr.IgnoreHiddenBodies = true;
pIntMgr.ShowIgnoredInterferences = false;
pIntMgr.UseTransform = false;
var vInts = (object[])pIntMgr.GetInterferences();
IInterference interference = default(IInterference);
object[] vComps = null;
Component2 comp = default(Component2);
List<IComponent2> components = new List<IComponent2>();
if (vInts != null)
    for (int i = 0; i < vInts.GetUpperBound(0); ++i)
        interference = (IInterference)vInts[i];
        vComps = (object[])interference.Components;
        for (long j = 0; j <= vComps.GetUpperBound(0); j++)
            comp = (Component2)vComps[j];
            if (!components.Contains(comp))

It works but it is very heavy and checks all the interferences. I need a really fast computation, as I perform the checking in a loop. Also, pIntMgr.Done() makes makes changes on the SW GUI and I would like to avoid that.

I am trying to make the ToolsCheckInterference2 work, but I cannot find a way to get a result (in C#), although I have the VBA example.

Is this a known issue? Anybody has any idea on what can interfere with the event or any workaround for this problem?


Thanks in advance!