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help file routing snafu

Question asked by Peter De Vlieger on Feb 19, 2020

Now that's a first.

A regression not of the program but of the help file.


this in 2012 help files gives you this

Not great. Not much detail but at least it hints to some things.


However, in the 2018 version, on the same branch

it's reduced to


On top of it comes the fact that if you click on the link about the subject that takes you to the knowledge base you get send to an SPR

which, as you can see, shows you that there used to be incorrect information.

Or in other words that a bit of info on the 2012 was wrong. (see the 2012 info that I captured). But instead of correcting the error they just wiped out the majority of what already was a very limited bit of information. They didn't even do so on the 2012 page so anyone visiting the 2012 page doesn't know there's an error in it unless they bother clicking the link.


Oh but what about 2020 version?

In other words the same info as 2012 but with a bit different layout and appearence. Which also means that if 2012 had wrong info then 2020 has wrong info too!


Let's be honest here. Is this truly the best the help files can be?


Here's an example of how Briscad does help files

PdfImport – Bricsys Support and Help Center 


If it was in the Solidworks style the entire complete entry would be :