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For insert component, how to make read-only by default?

Question asked by Tam Deo on Feb 18, 2020


How do I  change that "open" button to "Open-Read-Only" by default?

Is there a regedit for this?


Here's my problem:


I want to break a BOM link. I usually get two prompts:

  1. Keep or Break Link dialog or
  2. This part number has multiple parts with the same part name combined into one item.  Changing this part name will affect all other parts associated with this part.  Do you want to continue?


For #1, I would click break link. I rarely get this prompt.

For #2, I would click NO to break the link.


However, there's a weird bug where I would be prompt #2 and then I click NO, but the field immediately unselect - preventing edit. Double-clicking on the field again does not nothing too; it just unselect immediately.


Oddly, if:

  • I delete the BOM table and regenerate it
  • then click click YES on the "multiple part" dialog
  • I can now edit.
  • if i delete the BOM again and regenerate it... the edit is not permanent.


It's totally random as to which assembly this would happen to. And I'm pretty sure it changes ever month or so. So an assembly where you had to click yes would be fine (no permanent changes), but not okay the next month.


This causes a lot of headaches as it's not just me experiencing this. People in the company are making permanent changes to the BOM without knowing. My company can't "afford" PDM at the moment so i need a quick band aid.


Many Thanks.