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    Stress analysis making a lot`s of new huge files

      Got some problems while running a stress analysis. It`s just a small assembly, but it taking forever to run a simulation. Found out that the folder with the assembly that used to be 3 mb, now was 20 GB!? alots of 096.files 097.files and so on was gather there, what files are this? Any trick and tips?

        • Stress analysis making a lot`s of new huge files
          Anthony Botting
          It sounds like you're running nonlinear or linear dynamics. The size figures are not atypical for these cases, but you can restrict output in either case by instructing the algorithms to save results every other step (or every 20 steps), or save results only at selected nodes, every other step, etc. A high-speed drive (such as 10,000 RPM) can speed things up a bit since it appears a lot of writing to the drive is happening.