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How to read performance test ?

Question asked by Jerome De San Nicolás on Feb 19, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2020 by Frank Oostendorp

Hi guys,

we are having some performances issues, to determine where the slowdowns come from I've launch a performance test on some computers. 

There are a few exemples :


PC 1 : DELL Precision tower 5810 with Quadro K4200 : SolidWorks 2019 Win 10 x64



PC 2 : DELL Precision tower 5810 with Quadro K2000 : SolidWorks 2019 Win 10 x64




PC 3 DELL Precision tower 5810 with Quadro K4200 SolidWorks 2017 Win 7 x64. (basiclly the same as PC 1 but with SolidWorks 2017 and Win 7) :




So I've got some  questions :

   - What are all this values means ? Graphical, Processor, I/O ? 

   - Why PC1 is better than PC2 despite having a worse graphical card ?

   - Is there a way to improve each score buy changing hardware part ? (for exemple : to improve I/O, add more ram)

   - Why a pc with Sw 2017 and Win 7 is 3 time faster than the same pc with Sw 2019 and win 10, and how to fix it ? (I'll buy a beer to the guy how can answer that* !) 


I didn't find some kind a easy to read/use guide to optimize SolidWorks performances, and the users are starting to grumble...  


I'll send the question to my VAR too, so if I have an answer, I'll share it here.





*But you'll have to come to Toulouse, France