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need help with vertical sash

Question asked by VedaNarayana Koraganji on Feb 18, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2020 by VedaNarayana Koraganji

I'm designing an enclosure with a door in the front that needs to slide up. I was thinking of having something similar to Fume hoods where the the sash stops and stays wherever the user stops while sliding it upwards. Whats kind of arrangement is this? Can I get any information on this? Where can I get 3D models and parts that are needed for this arrangement?



Edit: I have attached an image of  a incomplete assembly. My ideas is to have a sash that will slide up in the front, similar to the sash in Fume hoods. I'm looking for a sash design where the sash will stay in place at whatever the height I keep it.


If this is too complicated to do please suggest some other ways to do this. I have a few constraints for this enclosure. 

1) Need a clear window on all sides so the processes that happen on the inside are always visible.

2) Cannot have two doors in the front, need a clear view without any frame obstructing the view from the front. Even if its two frameless clear panels, there will be gap in the middle which is undesirable. Intend to record processes happening inside from the front. 

3) Cannot have a sliding door to the left or right, due to space constraints.


I apologize for not being clear on the description before. I appreciate your time and advice on this. Thank you!