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I have extremely long boot up time which freezes my entire computer

Question asked by Caleb Chaponis on Feb 18, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2020 by David Lane

Hi there, I am in an interesting situation. Whenever I try and run SolidWorks my entire computer freezes, usually on the verifying license part of the displayed bootup process. This is not due to insufficient hardware, my computer is very capable of running this program as once I leave the program loading for around 30 minutes or more it appears to perform every possible function excellently. I am incapable of detailing much of what exactly happens with SolidWorks during this time because this boot up both freezes my entire computer (frankly makes it have an aneurysm). I have attempted the inbuilt SolidWorks benchmark test to check for errors and the loading bar shows SolidWorks counting up each of the steps without appearing to be able to get the program to even start.


What makes this even odder is the fact that this program runs completely fine on my Inspiron Dell Laptop, which is significantly less powerful than my desktop. Frankly I am at a complete loss as to why it will not run, but would really like to have a program I use so much for my college classes available to use on my desktop.


In summary I have:

Attempted to repair SolidWorks

Completely purged SolidWorks from my system and did a complete reinstall

Updated all drivers

Automatically set SolidWorks licensing service program to run on startup
Used the inbuilt SolidWorks troubleshooting/benchmark tester

Sat for 30 minutes and after that time period my computer functioned with the program perfectly


I am running windows 10 with SolidWorks V2019, using a license administered from my college (If it's important, the college is Rochester Institute of Technology)


If anyone has any suggestions that could help, its much appreciated