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Surfaces & Bodies Not Showing On Imported STEP File

Question asked by Justin Pargiter on Feb 18, 2020
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I have a problem opening a few step files in the past and I am starting to worry about it. I work with a lot of clients and suppliers that sends me step files to put into my renders, but then I only get half a model. When I open the step through Solidworks, it prompts me with template conflicts, telling me the default template is not valid. If I click OK, it loads all the trimmed surfaces and solid bodies, but all I get in the end is a blank assembly with nothing in it. If I select the specific template, it only gives me half the model. I tried to counter the problem by eventually importing it in AutoCAD, then exporting it as an IGES/IGS file (everything shows in AutoCAD perfectly), but my solidworks crash as I try to open it directly after the prompt of template conflict.


Please see attached the pictures of a tank I want to import now and what it does. Pic 1 is when I just say OK to the template conflict, Pic 2 is when i choose the templates myself. All the options needed to successfully open the step is hopefully ticked (Pic 3). Also, every time I close and say Don't Save, it has already created a Solidworks file automatically (Pic 4). Also see attached the step file of the tank I would like to open. Please let me know if anyone has the same problem.


I honestly do not know what to do next. Can anyone help me with this please?