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detailing mode & LDR mode open command

Question asked by Steven Tietz on Feb 17, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2020 by Mike Spens

Does anyone know of a PDM add-in that will allow you to open a drawing in solidworks into the new detailing mode?  Just right click on a drawing & hit a command to open it directly into detailing mode...

This same right click should also detect that you right clicked on open an assembly into Large Design Review mode.  I had found one a while back that #task had but I no longer see it on their website, plus it did not support detailing mode as it was not out yet... Hoping there is a PDM addin where I can prevent many clicks and having to use the open dialog box to browse to the file & eventually select the correct mode.  Just want to right click on the file in PDM & choose "Quick Open" and it just support the best method for parts, assemblies, and drawings.