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Anyone have a wrapper Library for checking license availability, SNL, lmutil

Question asked by Ben Nemec on Feb 17, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2020 by Ben Nemec

Hello all,

   I have a need to check license availability before starting an instance of SW.  I have a slopped together wrapper for lmutil.exe for another software already that parses the output to brute force find licenses used and total.  It's not pretty and likely to need rebuilt whenever the output format changes.  The output from the lmutil.exe from the SNL has a bunch more going on, but I could do same for SW as I did for other CAD.  Before I start that I would like to see if there's better methods out there.


BTW, I did look into the lm tools API but that's a whole different animal and appears to be geared towards the software company needing licensing service, not the end user.


Thanks all.