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Change is good - Change is good - Change is good

Question asked by Jerry Kassil on Feb 18, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2020 by Craig Riedel

Greetings everyone.


So change is always a bit unsettling but we think after the dust settles, we will all appreciate the new platform. We would like to start this process by sharing a few of those changes with the group now. As of March 31st, this forum with permanently cease to exist. The replacement will be on "Meetup" and we highly encourage you to get a profile and join the group there. To join, navigate to and set yourself up with your own profile. One you have that you can search for "Northeast Ohio SOLIDWORKS User Group" ( and click the Join button. You will be able to manage your own profile settings instead of depending on us which is a nice improvement. Meetup includes discussion boards, group mailing lists and polls. This will also be where we notify you of future meetings. The goal is to grow our NEOSWUG family and Meetup promises access to millions of potential attendees.


Keep in mind this is new for all of us and there will be a learning curve so bear with us as we get better in working the platform. So make sure to get yourself signed up and see you real soon at our next meeting to be announced shortly.

Thanks everyone