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keep body name on combine

Question asked by Stephen De Saulles on Feb 16, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2020 by David Lane

I have a multibody part with named bodies.

Those body names are used to auto-generate part names, in a "save bodies" feature to create parts that are then used in two subassemblies.

But, if I create a "combine" cut (or other) feature, the system changes the name of the body from say "C-deck back" to "Combine9" and the save bodies command no longer sees it.

I thought choosing the "main body" to be the manually named one might help but it makes no difference, SW still renames it to a generic name and the part is lost in the subassembly.

So everything in the subassembly needs to be rebuilt.

Is there any way to force SW to keep the old name for the bodies? Trying to re-name them back to the old name doesn't work because it has a record of the name existing before in the history of the part, so refuses to allow it?