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Limit a global variable - macro

Question asked by Marc Kane on Feb 16, 2020

Hi guys, this is the situation I have here. I have 100 different parts (one of which has been shown here) and all of them have one dimension in global variable A (somewhere it is a hole, height etc.). So I have a macro that opens one of these 100 parts that are already made and now I want macro to select random number for variable A and update a model, but with respect for logical limit of a part ( in this case that A>30mm). Since all of these parts are different, it is impossible to write down all  limits in code, so  I m looking for a macro line that will:

1) check what are the possible limits for variable A ( for a model that is currently open) and then select one of available numbers( in this case all numbers higher than 30), or 

2) when I create one of these parts I somehow put a limit to variable A, and use a macro line that will read this limit (for currently open model) and select a random value for global variable.

Thanks for your answers!