Chris Michalski

Disabled parts to refine mesh

Discussion created by Chris Michalski on May 5, 2009
Running FloWorks I've simulated a single pass heat exchanger.
Because of shape and initial mesh size I added a part to define the local mesh (tubes and end caps).
The simulation solves fine and surface plots and cut plots look good.

Problem: when I make X-Y plots along the centerline it takes the disabled mesh part into account. I look at the x-section along the 3D sketch and the temp is uniform, generate the X-Y plot and it spikes - generate a surface plot of the disabled part and it has the temperatures of the x-y data at that point. Try to make a velocity x-y plot or a fluid temperature plot and it crokes (even though FloWorks says it will just make disjoint lines in the x-y data)

Any suggestions? or is this a "feature" to report to Cosmos for correcting?