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Drawing register

Question asked by Sean Trainor on Feb 14, 2020

Hi guys,


I've started in a new place recently and they have no form of naming system in place, no drawing register or anything like that. They have a unique job number and that's it. It's a small enough fabrication place but they get big jobs and they are only getting bigger, so I'd like to start off on the right foot and implement a drawing register. I may be the only one to use it but I'd like to do it even just for my sake.


I'd like some advice on creating a basic drawing register (most likely in excel) and some examples of naming conventions used. So far I've been working on a silo tank staircase which I've been creating using weldments and it has a unique job number. I've been thinking something like "Job No.- Customer - Drawing Type - Sequential Number".  So it could be 02600-ACME-CD-001. CD meaning connection details, and then have GA for general arrangement, FAB for fabrication, etc.


I want to keep it simple, but maybe some of you more experienced individuals out there can foresee potential issues I may run into if I choose to go down a particular route now. So any and all advice is welcome