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Is there away to edit <hw-thru> variable?

Question asked by Sergio Monti on Feb 14, 2020

I know how to edit "calloutformat.txt" in order to customize all the hole types.

I would like to put "THRU" for thru-all holes and I don't want to add anything in case of up-to next holes.

I change the calloutformat file replacing <hw-thru> with custom text I get the same annotation for both up-to-next and thru-all holes type.

I could't find a way to customize the thru-hole depth annotation. The information I'm after is written inside the <hw-thru> variable.

In fact, in the calloutformat.txt file the 'up-to-next' and 'thru-all' depth is described by the same command line


and the <hw-thru> variable is set to "THRU" or "THRU ALL" depending on whether you choose "up-to-next" or "thru-all" in the hole wizard.


I'm wondering if there is a way to change the value of the <hw-thru> variable or maybe there is a differen way to achieve what I want?