Orest Yaavtushenko

Motion Study of assembly consisting of multiple moving sub-assemblies

Discussion created by Orest Yaavtushenko on Feb 12, 2020

I am trying to make motion simulation of complex machine with few XY and XYZ sub-assemblies and I want each of these sub-assemblies would move in special order.


I can set Motion to opened alone sub-assemblies, however, It looks like I cannot do much for the entire machine assembly unless my XYZ sub-assemblies would be exploded and set to the top assembly what would ruin the way of how this machine is organized and would make a just big "heap" of parts.


I can make my sub-assemblies flexible and movable and add "motor" to parts and set them to motion but I cannot hold or set initial positions before motion starts because there is no way to access holding home position mates if they are in a lower sub-assembly.


Please advise, whether the only way to do something in Solidworks is to put everything in the top assembly?