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Path Mate: How to limit the movement along an arc?

Question asked by Patrick Heidorn on Feb 13, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2020 by Jason Warnke

Hello everybody,

I'm getting insane about a problem I really don't understand. I'm trying to move a part along a circular path and limit the movement. But the movement does not stop at the end of the path. It seems this happens only if the path is not a spline but an arc. Now you may think:" So what, than just use a spline instead of an arc!", but I don't know how to create a perfekt circular Spline with a defined radius and angle.
I also tried to use a limit mate to limit the movement, but this does not work either. The movement stops at the maximum distance but it moves beyond the minimum. It stops shortly then it "jumps" over the limitation. Does anyone have the same issue and knows how to solve this or maybe have a workaround for this problem?


Thanks in advance