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Removing BOM's from Drawings

Question asked by Steve Reinisch on Feb 11, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2020 by David Matula

We are implementing a PLM system, we have PDM Pro., and a suggestion has been made that we remove BOM's from drawings and have the PLM system manage the BOM as a document. the benifit might be that if the BOM changes drawings may not have to be revised only the BOM would be revised.


Question is, has anyone done this? Removed BOM's from drawings.


How do you do find numbers?

How or do you use the find number in notes that may relate to the item?

How does a reader of the drawing know what the parts are if he only has a pdf of the drawing? If he has the BOM document how does he relate that to the drawing? 


Maybe i'm thinking to old school and everything is on paper when I should really be thinking everyone should have access to PDM/PLM so would have all the resources they need to make the connection.


I'm sure there are other questions but those would be the ones top of mind.